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SBR Specifications
NR Rubber Industries is one of the leading distributor of Synthetic Rubber & Rubber Raw Materials.
Synthetic Rubber Grades   Origins
Butyl Rubber (BK 1675 N, Lanxess 301, Exxon 268)   Lanxess (Europe), Nizhnekamsk (Russia), Togliatti (Russia), ExxonMobil (USA, Europe)

Styrene Butadiene Rubber
(SBR1500, 1502, 1705, 1712, 1721, 1723, 1745, 1778, 1783)

  Voronezh (Russia), Togliatti (Russia), Kumho (Korea), LG (Korea), BSTE (Thailand), Synthos (Czech Republic), Synthos Dwory (Poland), Goodyear (USA), Lion Co Polymer (USA),
Poly Butadiene Rubber HI CIS
(PBR1220,SKD ND,KBR 01,BR 1220,BR 1208)
  Nizhnekamsk (Russia), Voronezh (Russia), Kumho (Korea), BSTE (Thailand), Goodyear (USA), ENI (EUROPE) COPO/LION (USA)
Poly Butadiene Rubber Low CIS (SKD Li)   Nizhnekamsk (Russia)
Synthetic Isoprene Rubber (SKI-3, SKI-3S)   Nizhnekamsk (Russia), Sterlitamak (Russia), Togliatti (Russia)
Nitrile Butadiene Rubber
(3335, 3345, 3365, 3375, KNB 35L, KNB 35LM, NBR 6240, 6250)
  Krasnoyarsk (Russia), Kumho (Korea), LG (Korea)
Bromo Butyl Rubber (BBK 232, Exxon 2244)   Nizhnekamsk (Russia), ExxonMobil (USA, Europe)
Chloro Butyl Rubber
(CBK 139, Exxon 1066, Lanxess 1240)
  Nizhnekamsk (Russia), ExxonMobil (USA, Europe), Lanxess (Europe)
Natural Rubber (SMR, SIR, STR, ISNR, SVR, RSS)   Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka
Carbon Black
(N220, N330, N339, N550, N660)
  Nizhnekamsk (Russia), Togliatti (Russia), China
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